Where’s This At?

I never, never post here anymore – not for ages. But there are things afoot! Over the last couple of years:

  • Kristin Hersh released her book Don’t Suck, Don’t Die
  • Some strange “open-letter” battle happened between Vic’s partner Tina Chesnutt and Scott Stuckey, who wanted to put out a movie about Vic.¬† The video surfaced on YouTube eventually – called What Doesn’t Kill Me, but seems gone now.
  • New West Records has released/is releasing vinyl editions of the Texas Hotel records, and the later era Silver Lake and Ghetto Bells.

BUT all of this is happening/being revealed over at the enemy’s house: fucking Facebook. But if you’re there, and you are, check out the page there (not mine) – people are sharing photos (and lately, documentaries recorded off TV way back). These are linked to YouTube pages. So basically the conversation has moved to social media. If I get any resources that aren’t online already, I’ll share them here. If you’re embarking on an exploration of Vic Chesnutt, enjoy. You will love it.



The Cos-mo-pol-i-tan Sound

A nice article in Oxford American by Patterson Hood – follow the link.



Speed Racer Online

Here’s an online version of the Peter Sillen film Speed Racer, made at the same time as West of Rome was being recorded. (This isn’t my posting.) The film’s supposed to appear someday on DVD, but it’s been out for over 20 years. Enjoy.

Liz Durrett

Tonight my friend and I listened to Liz Durrett’s Husk – the first of three records the niece of Vic Chesnutt recorded. It is lovely – I’d forgotten how great it is. And then I went online and looked to see what she’s been up to since 2008 (her last record). And I couldn’t find anything. Anybody know?

50th Birthday – Vic Chesnutt

To honour VC’s 50th, Peter Sillen’s made his 1990 film Speed Racer available online after years of waiting. Thanks to him – Speed Racer’s a great peek at a younger Vic Chesnutt. If it ever comes out on DVD, don’t forget to buy it.

Kristin Hersh writing about Vic Chesnutt

In recent interviews Kristin Hersh says she’s been commissioned to write a book about Vic Chesnutt. I wish that project well. I’d love to read it. Here’s the interview¬†that prompted me to share (I’ve read it elsewhere too).